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About Active Turf Irrigation Ltd.

Active Turf Irrigation Ltd. has been serving the North Shore, and the rest of the lower mainland for over 40 years. As one the first irrigation companies to exist in the province, we've had the privilege of completing some pretty amazing projects, such as the green roof at the Vancouver Convention Centre in downtown Vancouver. From small residential yards, to enormous park fields, to downtown skyscraper green roofs, we truly have done it all. Which is why you can have complete confidence in us as we take your project from blueprints to a completed irrigation system, servicing it along the way, no matter how big or small. Check out some of our services!


Spring Activation

This includes turning the water back on carefully so no damage is done to the irrigation system, programming the controller, and repairing any minor damage to the sprinkler system.

Winterizing Service

This includes closing the main irrigation water valve, and blowing out the water in the sprinkler lines so that no freezing occurs over the winter, which can cause pipes to burst.

BackFlow Testing

Yearly backflow assembly testing. We take care of the permits and inspection paperwork. We are fully certified with BCWWA to inspect, test, install, and repair backflow assemblies.

Automatic Service List

Sign up for our Automatic Service List and never have to worry about your spring activation, Winterizing, or backflow testing. Click the link below to fin out more!

Residential Installs & service

Thoughtfully planned and built irrigation systems for residential homes which will minimize water wastage and cost. We also provide expert service for existing systems.

Commercial Installs & Service

Professionally designed and installed irrigation systems for any and all commercial building applications. This includes skyscraper green roofs, sports fields, city parks, and multi-unit dwellings.


Residential Installs

Active Turf Irrigation Ltd. has installed 1000's of irrigation systems in North Vancouver, and all over the lower mainland, like this one pictured here in West Vancouver.


Vancouver Library

Active Turf Irrigation Ltd. installed the drip irrigation system for the green roof on the Vancouver Library, downtown Vancouver. Contact us to find out more about drip irrigation.

Convention Center green roof irrigation install

Convention Center

Active Turf Irrigation Ltd. installed the drip irrigation system for the green roof of the Vancouver Convention Center in downtown Vancouver, just in time for the 2010 Olympics.

Contact Us

If you would like a free estimate or have any questions about our services or about your existing irrigation system, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by clicking the link below.

You can always reach us at 604-929-6521 or email us directly at

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