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Automatic Service List


Active Turf Irrigation Automatic Service List

Since 1974, Active Turf Irrigation has put a lot of irrigation systems in the ground. Many of those sprinkler systems are still in our care as clients trust us to maintain their systems year after year.

In order to maintain an irrigation system proplery, there are three main services that are performed yearly. These three services are spring activation, backflow assembly test, and winterizing (or blowout).

Rather than trying to schedule us multiple times a year for these services, some clients opt to sign up for our Automatic Service list. By signing up to this, you can rest assured that we will show up, without you having to schedule us, to perform any or all of these services in a year.

Ready to sign up for our Automatic Service list?

Ask us about our Automatic Service list for Spring Start up, Winterizing, and Backflow Testing!

Automatic Service List Details

What is it?


The Automatic Service list ensures that the most important and primary maintenance services are performed on your irrigation system, without you having to worry about scheduling us multiple times a year.


When you sign up, you can decide which services you want us to automatically show up for. Most customers have signed up to have us show up automatically for all three service: the spring start up, the yearly backflow device test, and the winterizing service. Others opt for just one or two of the services. When you fill out the sign up form you can tell us which options you want us to show up for automatically.

What happens when I sign up?

Once you sign up for the Automatic Service list, Active Turf Irrigation will show up, automatically, to perform the yearly maintenance services that you've opted in for. You'll receive your bill shortly after by email. You can let us know at any time if you wish to cancel the agreement.  

Sign up for the Automatic Service List Today!

Get in touch today to sign up for our Automatic Service list and never worry about trying to schedule us again. Your sprinkler system will thank you!

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