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Spring Activation


Lawn Sprinkler Spring Start up & Activation

Since 1974, Active Turf Irrigation has been maintaining the sprinkler systems that we put into the ground. And our Spring activation service is an important aspect of yearly irrigation maintenance that ensures your sprinklers are adjusted and operating properly for the season.

After your irrigation system has been dormant over the winter with no water in the pipes, it's important to reintroduce water back into the system carefully and slowly. Our certified Irrigation Technicians will ensure that there are no leaks, broken fittings or other issues.​

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Ask us about our automatic Spring Start up and Winterizing Service.

Start up Procedure

The Spring Activation service consists of a few basic procedures. 


1. We carefully and slowly turn the water back on at the main connection valve, watching and listening for potential leaks.


2. We then turn on each individual zone valve either at the controller, if we have access, or manually at the zone valve. We make sure all the sprinkler heads, rotors, and any drip irrigation are functioning properly and spraying the right directions, while also checking for broken spray heads or nozzles, leaks, or broken fittings.

3. Lastly, we make any minor repairs that may be needed to get the sprinkler system back to proper operation. This includes repairing broken heads, rotors or nozzles, pipe or fitting breaks and minor valve issues.



Most of the time, we are able to do these minor repairs during the start up service. If there are larger repairs needed, we will advise you of these before starting the repair and will provide an estimate upon request.

Sprinkler systems that are leaking badly at the main connection valve, or anywhere else on the mainline, or valve manifold must not be left on. In these cases, the service tech will close the main connection valve and provide an estimate, letting you know what repairs are needed to get your system back in working order.

Please be advised, that all repairs made will be billed as extras, on top of our Spring Activation flat fee.

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Get in touch today to schedule you irrgation Spring Start up! You can also check out our Winterizing Service, or ask about our Automatic Spring Start up and Winterizing Service list.

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