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Winterizing Service

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Winterization & Blow Out Service

Winterizing (or blow out) your irrigation system is an important aspect of yearly lawn sprinkler system maintenance. Our certified technicians have been winterizing our clients irrigation since we started installing them in the 70's.

Blowing out the irrigation system is very important because it ensures that pipes will not burst if freezing over the winter occurs. If a sprinkler system is not blown out, you take the risk of major damage due to water freezing and expanding in the irrigation pipes and bursting them. This can incur 1000's of dollars in repairs.

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Winterization Procedure

In order to properly blow out your irrigation system, the Winterization service consists of a few basic procedures. 


1. We turn the water off at the main connection valve, and the DCVA (double check valve assembly) if there is one.


2. We then open the valve drain, if there is one, drain out the water left in the sprinkler system, and connect our air compressor hose here.​

3. We then open a zone valve at the controller or, if we do not have access to the controller, we open the valve manually at the bleed screw on the valve. Once a valve is opened, we begin blowing air through the sprinkler system using our air compressor. 

4. After the first zone is cleared of all water, we then move on to the remaining zones, following the same steps. Typically, each zone takes about 1-3 minutes to clear all the water out.

5. Once we have cleared all water out of the whole irrigation system, we disconect our hose from the drain valve and close it. If we had to open the zone valves manually, we make sure those are closed as well. If we had access to the controller, we turn the controller off. If we did not have access to the controller, then we will leave a note asking the homeowner to make sure to turn the controller off.

Sprinkler systems that are leaking badly at the main connection valve, or anywhere else on the mainline, or valve manifold may need to be repaired before we can effectively perform the blow out. In these rare cases, we will advise you on what must be done in order to winterize the system and will provide an estimate for the repairs.

Please be advised, that all repairs made will be billed as extras, on top of our Winterization Service flat fee.

If Repairs are Needed
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