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Backflow Testing


Yearly Backflow Device Test

It is now a requirement in most municipalities to have a backflow assembly installed at the main connection of the irrigation system. It is also a requirement to have the backflow assembly tested every year to make sure it is still working.

Active Turf Irrigation is certified with IIABC and BCWWA so you can have total confidence in our backflow device knowledge.

We also take of all the paperwork and permits and submit it to your municipality on your behalf.

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Backflow Test Details

What is backflow in regards to my irrigation system?

Backflow is the flow of water in a backwards direction, opposite of the normal direction of flow, into the potable (drinking water) water system.

Why does this matter?

If backflow occurs in an irrigation system, the water flowing backwards can carry contaminants back into the drinking water system. Contaminants from lawn and irrigation can include animal feces, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or any other potentially harmful contaminants sucked in near a sprinkler head or broken pipe.

How do we prevent backflow?​

By installing a backflow device where the irrigation system is connected to the drinking water system, we prevent water from potentially flowing back into the potable water system.

Because of the importance of preventing back flow, it is mandatory to have the backflow device tested yearly to make sure it is still working properly. In the less likely circumstance that backflow device fails the test, it will need to be either repaired or replaced. In this case our technician will close the main connection valve, advise you before making any repairs, and prepare an estimate upon request.


Active Turf Irrigation is fully certified to repair and install new backflow devices.


If your irrigation system does not have one installed, or you are in need of a new installtion, or repairs to an existing backflow assembly, get in touch!

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